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Sequoyah, creator of the Cherokee alphabetThe first religious ceremonies held in the Americas were conducted by the Holy Men of the tribes that originally settled these lands as far back as 10,000 years ago -- and perhaps even farther back in time than that! The traditions and culture of our ancestors are celebrated today in the First Nation Church. With followers and practitioners across North America and around the world, we can rightfully claim to be the oldest traditional religious organization in the Western Hemisphere, and the largest membership-based Native American religious society in the United States.

Followers of the Kituwa Society First Nation Church believe in a simple creed of love, respect, freedom and tolerance. We respect Nature and each other. We care for the land and the other living things around us. We believe that no one of us succeeds unless we all succeed, and we believe that no one of us on Earth is greater than any other.

Cherokee: A People Or A Faith?

The principles of our Faith are derived from the traditions and culture of the Kituwa Society (also known as Keetoowah or Kituwah) and the Cherokee First Nations, whose beliefs in Nature and its Creation form the foundation of our church.

To be part of the Kituwa Society First Nation spiritual movement, you do not have to be born "Kituwa" or "Cherokee"; along the same lines of not having to be born in Rome to be Catholic, or in Israel to be Jewish, you do not have to be born Cherokee to embrace the faith and teachings of our people.

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Embracing All Beliefs And Cultures

To be part of the Kituwa Society First Nation spiritual movement, you do not have to abandon or alter your other beliefs. You can believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ, Buddha or any other spiritual guide without compromising yourself.

Furthermore, Kituwa Society First Nation Church followers embrace the spirituality of all Native American, First Canadian and Native Mexican people, which share the same basic tenets, including variations upon a common Creation story, a deep and abiding respect for all living things in Nature, and a strong sense of family and community.

Whether you are American or Canadian, German or Japanese, whether your tribe is from Georgia, North Carolina, Texas or Oklahoma, whether you are Cherokee, Navajo, Apache or Powhatan, and regardless of the color of your skin, you are warmly welcomed into the community of Kituwa Society First Nation people around the world!

Is there a Kituwa Society First Nation Church or Cherokee House center in your area? We are rapidly developing our network of community centers across North America. At this time, many of our gatherings are being held at public facilities or private homes. Wherever we gather is our Church, regardless of how many are present!

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The Kituwa Society (First Nation Church) is a traditions-based Native American religious organization whose culture and beliefs embrace the teachings of the original Cherokee Keetoowah Society. The Kituwa Society welcomes friends and followers of all backgrounds and origins, regardless of their degree of sanguinity. With the approval of the church's board, any member can serve in a limited capacity as a ceremonial minister for marriage ceremonies, funerals, and other rites. In accordance with its bylaws, First Nation Church permits, without bias, any marriage between two adults, including same-sex marriage or marriage between gay, lesbian or transgender partners of legal age (18 years or older); to whit, "Marriage is a civil contract entered into by two adults at least 18 years of age, who are otherwise capable, and solemnized in accordance with the rites and traditions of First Nation Church." First Nation Church and the Kituwa Society is legally permitted to issue marriage licenses to its members and friends regardless of gender or sexual preference.